Security Services:

For any organization one of the most important requirements is Safety and Security. A security team is your best investment for your establishment's protection.

We provide reliable and efficient security services for all your security needs. From a single security guard to a team of personnel, we cater to your different needs with round the clock service. We are committed to provide the safest possible environment to our clients.


Bhumadhya Business Solution deploys the following staff as per requirement:-


  • Uniformed security guards
  • Armed guard/ gunmen
  • Lady security guards
  • Personal security officers
  • Bouncers/body guards
  • Traffic marshals
  • Parking attendants
  • Ticket collectors
  • Canine squad
  • Quick reaction team



Electronic Security:-

Bhumadhya Business Solutions has an in-house division for integrating electronic security system. We provide


  • Electronic Surveillance systems
  • Access Control Devices
  • Fire Alarm system
  • Boom Barrier
  • Hand held metal detector
  • Walk through detector
  • Baggage detector
electronic security



Housekeeping Services:-

A clean environment is important for all establishments, for creating a good impression in their client and pleasant ambience for their employees.
house keeping

Pantry services:-

Our pantry services include serving of tea and snacks to our customers. We also manage customers guest house, where our staff is placed 24 hours a day, he does the daily cleaning, arranging of plates, does errand jobs for the guest, thus manages the guest house, making the long guest stay comfortable.


Facade Cleaning:-

First impressions of your building Façade and exterior makes a difference in how potential tenants and their clients perceive a building. With 4 years of experience in the Façade cleaning industry, we know how to remove the toughest stains safely and quickly from building facades. We use professional grade environmentally friendly products and systems to keep clean your building's Façade.

paste control

Pest Control & Fumigation Services:-

Bhumadhya Business Solution is dealing in pest control solutions, for the past 5 years. We have both herbal as well as chemical products to help you get rid of the pest menace at your sweet home and workplace. Besides the conventional chemical pest control techniques, it has been our constant endeavour to provide the best and most suitable solutions to our clients. The most up to date equipment and chemicals are always used to insure the most effective treatment. Integrated pest management techniques are used in most commercial establishments to insure the safety of your employees and customers. We treat everything from shopping malls, Supermarkets, Multiplexes, Pharmaceuticals companies, call centres and office buildings



Horticulture and Gardening Services:-

We are a leading commercial landscaping / Horticulture and maintenance company. For four years the company has maintained its commitment to quality, integrity and service.


Our services are as follow:-


  • Comprehensive Ground Maintenance Services
  • Integrated Landscaping Services
  • Expert Horticulture Services & Care
  • Pest Control Operators
  • Irrigation Design &Installations
  • Rent A Plant Services & Flower Arrangement & Tree Transplanting.

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